Training Opportunity

We are offering two production trainee opportunities to any young Arran residents keen to learn about film production. Chosen candidates will form part of our production crew and work alongside experienced professionals. Depending upon your availability you may join us part-time prior to the actual filming during the last fortnight in July, work full time during those two weeks, and, if you choose, carry on working with us on the post-production following the shoot.


If you have any aspiration to work in film or television, this is an opportunity to learn about:


  • Pre-production planning ~ location scouting, obtaining permissions, scheduling, catering

  • Location filming ~ familiarisation with equipment, lighting, sound recording, continuity

  • Working with actors ~ costume, makeup, script rehearsal

  • Post-production ~ shot logging, editing, colour grading, music and sound dubbing


You will be selected based upon your enthusiasm and demonstrable abilities and remunerated accordingly. To apply, please complete and submit the form on the right. We will acknowledge all applications.

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