Standing Up to Bullying

Whether at school or at work, we all encounter bullies and we each cope with them in our own way. For some, perhaps reluctant to stand up for themselves, this can have devastating consequences, blighting their entire lives. Some who have suffered go on to become bullies themselves, perpetuating a sorry cycle of abuse.


From the school playground to the highest reaches of government, our film tackles this subject, conveying coping strategies within comedy capers that empower while entertaining. 


Destined for international distribution, our film is set in the very near future, when the Westminster government is getting very twitchy about the resurgence of Scottish independence. As we have all witnessed, bullying not only afflicts young people, but can curtail companies and even countries. It’s time for us all to stand up for ourselves ~ without losing our sense of humour!



Peter and Lucinda Neall are remarkable people, whom we’ve known for nearly thirty years. Throughout that time they have dedicated themselves to empowering others, encouraging effective leadership and teamwork at a corporate level, right down to literally bringing out the best in boys.


So they were our obvious choice to advise us on our script, ensuring it conveys authentic and valuable messages on dealing with bullies.

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